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Have you ever tried to go somewhere without being determined on the direction you need to take, if you do not know which road you are going to take? If so, you must have noticed that this is a blur in your mind and that you ask yourself a lot of questions before you even start. "Is this really the direction I must take? Am I not going to go wrong? … " All these questions sow doubt in your mind. In the end, you wonder if you really want to go … and finally you decide to give up your project. A common point of the individuals who have succeeded their lives, is that they have forged themselves a very powerful determined mind.Even if determination is not an absolute guarantee of success, being determined in what one wants to undertake is essential.It's the same for everything you want to do. Whether it's a life project, starting a business, finding a new job, making a success of your life as a couple …Without determination, no results to be determined Strong determination is essentialNothing can be obtained without effort or without deserving it. So, it is useless to undertake something if you are not determined in what you want to do. And yet, I can say with certainty that you deserve to succeed and get everything you want.But at the same time, it is not because you can get everything that you will be given absolutely everything you want. It may sound confusing, but in reality it's quite simple to understand. There are clear rules, just understand them and apply them.First, you are made to be happy and fulfilled. So, you deserve absolutely everything you want. Just because the universe can offer it to you. Secondly, it is useless to own everything, you will not be able to enjoy it. On the other hand, if you ask for something that does not suit you, you may regret it. So, even if you can have absolutely anything you want, you have to make responsible choices so that you can take them on. This rule is not at odds with the first. It simply allows you to be in harmony with your needs. Third, when you ask for something, make sure it is indispensable to you. Fourthly, what you desire, you must want it intensely, because the man tends to be capricious. Sometimes we pile things that we never use, and the universe hates to waste. Fifth, when you are determined, you act in favor of what you want to attract and you help it materializeGratitude, an important element for success In short, working to achieve what we want is our personality and helps us to be grateful for life when we finally get it. Gratitude is essential to the success of our goals. For when we have obtained the object of our desire, we must still be able to use it wisely.So be insightful and persevering, feel things as they come and develop your intuition.In fact, you have to make plans, give yourself goals to reach and force fate, because if you do not do it, the universe might feel that you are in no hurry.

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