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Let us enjoy reading this one of Modern Stories of Home Alone .

It was a dark and stormy night.

I was alone at home and about to go to bed, when I saw a scary shadow figure at my window.

"Who’s there" I shouted.

Suddenly there was a flash of lightning followed by thundershower.

I saw a lion’s face followed by a scary thunderous roar at the window. It looked like the lion from the local circus that had been announced missing on the television news channel. I felt very scared. I ran to my bed and pulled my blanket over my head. I started to shout for my parents but there was no reply. Then I remembered they were at a late night party.

I peeped out of my blanket but it was too dark to see anything. Then I heard footsteps.

They were getting louder and louder. Soon the footsteps died off.

The grand father clock struck 12. I went back to bed and tried to sleep, but couldn’t. I felt too frightened. I sat up my mind full of scary thoughts. After some time passed, finally I fell asleep.

I woke up only after eight in the morning and switched on the TV news. I was excited to see the lion was already trapped in the wee hours of the morning by the ring master of the circus. I felt very much relieved after the news.

Later I narrated the whole incident to my parents.

They were dumb shocked and decided in future not to leave me alone at home during night.

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Pakistan, Karachi
Sana Meer
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