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Muhammad Sajjad
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「AirDrop報酬が1ヶ月で1500ドルになった話」   タイトル通りの話ですが、4月に申し込んだAirDrop150件のうち、価格の判明している約80件の総額が1500ドルでした。   これの凄いところは、Referral報酬を含めずに1500ドルの実入りが想定される、というところです。

Mr. Wayne
You trusted me? ;D ESTJ personality. The executive. Enjoys logic and arguments, can and does try to look at things from other points of view, as that is one of my personality weaknesses. Computer engineer, loves PCs, and would love to build one for anyone. Favorite movie: Patch Adams Favorite actor: Steve Martin Favorite superhero: Batman (duh) Favorite book: The Lord of the Rings/the Silmarillion. Favorite song: Lullaby (Billy Joel) Favorite artist: Two Steps From Hell Favorite food: Homemade orange sesame chicken Favorite drink: Earl Grey tea / Black Butte Porter Favorite color: Purple Favorite season: Summer Favorite flower: Tulip Favorite animal: Peregrine Falcon Favorite game: Ori and the Blind Forest Favorite OS: Linux, Manjaro. Favorite Browser: Firefox Favorite software: Blender Favorite (former) school subject: Math Favorite sport: (American) Football. Seahawks
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