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Liquidity Provider Sues Crypto Exchange for $13.7 Mln in Singapore’s First BTC Court CaseCrypto exchange Quoine and major liquidity provider B2C2 are the opposing parties in Singapore’s first court case involving Bitcoin (BTC), which began Nov. 21, Singapore-based English-language daily The Straits Times reports. The case concerns an alleged reversal of crypto transactions in the spring of 2017.

Oladayo Amusan
I am from Osun State Nigeria, I am a serving corp member, I am a fashion designer of course I made the shirt I am wearing in my display picture I can make yours for you in any part of the world, I am a social entrepreneur, the founder of FLDinAfrica, an NGO that advocate for gender equality and female empowerment and youth employability. I am the founder of SEWNOWNOW, Nigeria's first and fastest online tailoring outfit that delivers within 48hours, I love talking, sharing ideas, meeting people and exploring for the developmental ideas.
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