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Customer journey and user experience on SOLA

Swiping through sola's cards, a pop up suddenly showed up, asking me to rate the app with 1 to 5 stars.

After having done that, I was asked for a comment:

Photo #1 from Koblenz, Germany by nachdenken! made on 2018-11-09 12:48 for Sola

As I've been through that 2-3 times by now, I entered what you can read above.

Then I clicked on send and am asked via which app I would like to send my feedback. My initial thought was to add it to D. Trump's twitter-feed, but then I (for whatever reasons) thought telegram was a better idea. I could have also chosen from app. 15 other apps. Just like in a lottery, chances were 1 to 15 (or 0 to 15, which I assume) to get my comment to our sola team.

This has lead me to the following screen, asking me to select a telegram group to send my feedback to.

Photo #2 from Koblenz, Germany by nachdenken! made on 2018-11-09 12:48 for Sola

Not knowing what else to do, I figured Anastasia looked best, here, so now she can deal with this … or not 😁

Question to the sola-team: how many of such ratings, including comment, do you guys get by this screwed up process?

P.S. it is the third time, I report this issue, which is why I decided to create a card, this time.

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Germany, Koblenz
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