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Time for something serious once in a while.

Years ago i was being bullied. So after it had gotten really bad had to go to a private school where i rly had a great time. But later in high school the few people that knew me from my first school just made it all start over. So the first three years outta the six high school years you get in my country were pure hell. Getting worse by the day.

But on from the 4th year there were new classes. New people. And some of them, especially one girl, really befriended with me outta nowhere. So after years of really nobody being nice to me in any way in school there suddenly were this classmates that really didnt want to harm me in any way. And i am thankful for how they influenced who i am today. These few people had a greater influence on me than they could ever imagine. I really dont even wanna think about how antisocial and unable to trust anyone i'd have become if it hadnt been for them.

Currently i'm happy with myself and my life. And that isnt something i'm taking for granted. So i'll always be thankful to all the people who were just nice and befriending to me without listening to the gossip others were still spreading about me.

I really had to say this sometime. Even if it is anonymous.


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Switzerland, Aarau
I know exactly what you mean. From personal experience as well as a mother. The other day someone told me that children getting bullied are always children who can talk easily to adults. Could be true. It stopped when I was 15 and changed school. And it changed like boooooom!
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Thanks for sharing your experiences.
I will never understand bullies. I’m glad you found your friends, and I’m sorry for the others who didn’t get to know you. Their loss.
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