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A card for newbies I'll keep updating this AMA about Sola (maybe mostly about SOL)

  1. I have many votes on my card but 0 SOL earned. Why?

Votes are not directly proportional to how much SOL your content earns. Every user, with their every action, creates some economic value for the service. This defines the amount of SOL that the user will distribute with their vote. With their votes, users define the proportion of SOL distribution.

  1. How to earn more SOL?

Post something that will interest other users and get involved in the discussions. If other users like your content then chances are that they will vote for your content. With more votes, the card spreads to more users. This raises the chances for content to earn more SOL. If you keep on making quality content and get more involved in healthy discussions, other users may also prioritise you.

  1. I keep asking everyone to 'vote me' but I do not earn SOL when they vote me.

Again, votes are not directly proportional to how much SOL you earn. You can have hundreds of users on this platform vote your content and you'd be still earning very less SOL. Take a look at anyone's profile. You can see how much votes they have received and how much SOL they have earned.

  1. I referred Sola to my friend but I didn't receive referral bonus. What to do?

Write an email to and mention your sola account details and the account details of the person you referred.

  1. Where do I find my referral link?

Follow this link and press blue button «Invite» in there Or open the app, go to the dashboard in the app, you should see a link «How to earn» or «Share». Your link would look something like this:<profile_name> e.g.

  1. If I vote/endorse something, do I lose SOL?

No. You can vote any card between 1-100 votes and any comment between 1-10 votes. Voting doesn't cost SOL.

  1. What type of cards can I post on Sola? What are the "rules"? What's allowed and what's not?

Just go through and read them and follow. Basically, no spam, no porn, no insults, etc. etc.

  1. I have posted a card and it says, "18 SOL estimate earning" and yet SOL hasn't added to my wallet. Why is that?

The reading shows an estimate of how much SOL you will earn from that post. The SOL earned from a card is added to your Sola in-app wallet when the card expires (after 7 days of posting it).

  1. I made a withdrawal request. How long will it take to process the withdrawal request?

Withdrawal request is usually processed in two days. Before processing the withdrawal, the user receives a confirmation email to ensure that the user has made a withdrawal request. If you haven't made the withdrawal request, you can stop the withdrawal from being processed.

When the withdrawal is processed, the user receives another email confirming that the requested amount of SOL is transferred to the specified wallet.

  1. I received an email from Sola saying that my withdrawal has been processed but I don't see the SOL in my wallet. What should I do? Have I lost those SOLs?

SOL is an ERC-20 token. The app you're using should support ERC-20 tokens in order for you to view SOLs. You can visit and enter your wallet address there to view SOLs transferred into your wallet. Open the drop-down menu and select SOL from the list.

  1. I have created a challenge and the SOL was deducted from my account but I don't see my challenge. What's happening?

Challenges are pre-moderated. If your challenge is accepted, it will appear in your profile under 'Your Challenges'. If it is rejected, the SOL charged for the challenge will be reverted to your wallet.

(Please leave any other queries in the comments below)

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Huhuuu Oktober, das ist eine wirklich klasse erklärte Karte. Derzeit sammle ich die erstellten Karten unserer Community zu diesem Thema. Deine gehört da definitiv mit rein ☺️😊 Vielen Dank, dass Du Dir so eine Mühe gemacht hast.
Rishi Majumdar
AMA in Sola! Awesome 👍 The recent withdrawal of SOLs from my account by a fraud *(though the team immediately refilled my account with the same amount)* is somewhat restricting me to buy some tokens and stake it here. Waiting for the 2FA to get integrated. Talking with Pavel regarding this gave me an idea that it'll shortly be implemented. Just wanted to know if there is any expected time?
Good work Oktober! It’s your month! 😁🎂
Would you like to know anything else? Anything?
Sure. Do you have any other questions other than the ones mentioned?
Seeing Red
Thanks for stepping up :)
Umar Usman
Thank you for sharing this information 😇😇
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Nice & Smart (Not the French town)
Very good
Please point
Great info for new users 👍
Jabba Ree 🌹
I'm impressed.
I cannot have my referral link and i dont why
You use a smartphone or a PC ?
MiBu_™️🤡♨️, i used smartphone
Riel, Go the the Dashboard Screen. There is on top a yellow marking with reach you 100Sol. Click on “how” Then a new screen appears with a button “invite” .. then you got your link..
PM me your referral details.
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Deleted by post owner
How many more cards are you going to link that?
Deleted by Sola moderator
Well Oktober, guess you should have included not dropping links on other people’s cards 😂
Great post ! Must read it guys ! All the best !
Would you like to know something?
Thank you.. Now I got the information about how to post card and how it exactly works.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask :)
It would be a good idea to keep a profile pic and add something interesting about yourself in your bio 😉
Very helpful
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وقالت لا أظنني اعرفكم ولكن لابد أنكم جوعى. ارجوكم تفضلوا بالدخول لتأكلوا

سألوها: هل رب البيت موجود؟

فأجابت :لا، إنه بالخارج

فردوا: إذن لا يمكننا الدخول

وفي المساء وعندما عاد زوجها أخبرته بما حدث

قال لها :إذهبي اليهم واطلبي منهم أن يدخلوا

فخرجت المرأة و طلبت إليهم أن يدخلوا

فردوا: نحن لا ندخل المنزل مجتمعين

سألتهم : ولماذا؟

فأوضح لها أحدهم قائلا: هذا اسمه (الثروة) وهو يومئ نحو احد اصدقائه، وهذا (النجاح) وهو يومئ نحو الآخر وأنا (المحبة)،

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دخلت المرأة واخبرت زوجها ما قيل. فغمرت السعادة زوجها وقال: ياله من شئ حسن، وطالما كان الأمر على هذا

النحو فلندعوا (الثروة). دعيه يدخل و يملئ منزلنا بالثراء!

فخالفته زوجته قائلة: عزيزي، لم لا ندعو (النجاح)؟

كل ذلك كان على مسمع من زوجة ابنهم وهي في احد زوايا المنزل.

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ولكن كونك دعوت (المحبة) فأينما يذهب نذهب معه.

أينما توجد المحبة، يوجد الثراء والنجاح

Earn SOL - a cryptocurrency used in Sola (ERC20 standard token). Sola is an iOS, Android and web application which is a mix of a media and community. Sola allows discovering new people and exciting content in a most simple, friendly and relaxed manner.