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Is Pakistan a much more safer country than it was 10 years ago?

(Answered by Inshal Khan, Engineer by Day and a Writer by Night@Quora)

Yes security situation in Pakistan has improved by Leaps and Bounds. I remember the time i used to live in Karachi, which was paralyzed by Terrorism and Insecurity 10 years ago.

Education and Business Activity remained closed due to Political or Security reasons.

Target Killing was flourishing in the city.

Mobile snatching and robberies was much of a norm

People were leaving Central city to more secured areas such as Cantonment areas or even settling to other cities in Pakistan such as Lahore or Islamabad.

Terrorism was active with at least one tragedy every week you see on TV

Law enforcement agencies were not able to control much of the situation.

I remember one instance i was talking to my friends during class break. There were plenty of rumors that Army would start a war in Waziristan (Districts controlled by Terrorist such as Al Qaeda and TTP). He said

Friends. If war starts in Waziristan. Ill tell my family to pack their bags and move to Emirates for rest of life. Pakistan seems doomed.

I remember i was much upset hearing these words (being a patriot) from a close friend and I couldn't blame him. Situation was to be blamed completely.

Everything changed after Zarb e Azb Operation in Waziristan Terrorism was on its final breaths. It retaliated with final blow Peshawar school massacre in 2014, in which killing 149 people including 132 school children caused an uproar in Pakistan. This proved to be final nail in the coffin of Extremist and their supporters in the Country.

Situation has improved, Economy and Tourism are back on its feet. According to facts and figures more than 2 Million Tourists visited Pakistan in 2018. No more Political instability and Terrorism is not something you hear in months maybe. Peace is back in Pakistan.

Now whenever i meet my friend and I remind him about his statement those years ago there is nothing other than Laughter. Lots of it.

May Peace Prevail in Pakistan.


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