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When Sapper Gardener sent me back the same box that I had mailed him, it gave me an idea. What if I kept this thing travelling around to different homesteads? When Sapper Gardener commented abiout my sticker on the box and mentioned that he wished he had put one of his own on, it gave me another idea. Why not have each homestead or gardener add their own sticker or logo, so this will eventually look like a travelling suitcase, or a passport? Now that I've got it back and reloaded, it's time to send it out on the road again.

This time, it'll head over to Wholesome Roots. Rose and her family over at Wholesome Roots can do an unboxing video and enjoy whatever they want from inside the box. Then, they can ask their subscribers who wants it next, and mail it back to me. Once I get the package back, I'll get a few gifts from Wholesome Roots and then pick a comment from her unboxing video to send it to next. This way, we can reach more people and keep this thing travelling around.

Also, since shipping is about $14 USD, I'll make sure that there is $15 in the box whenever I send it out, just in case anyone needs help with the shipping costs of sending it back. Hopefully this will be a fun and intersting collaboration, and I'll make a playlist for it soon enough. Looking forward to seeing how you enjoy the box Wholesome Roots! Also, thanks for the inspiration and idea Sapper Gardener!

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