Warrior one is coming very soon for those who don't know i have created a token which when i gain approval will be released to help build not one ship i would like to create as many as possible as the object is too sell the tokens with all money going to The Yacht market which i believe is based in the South of England.

For this too work i am setting the price at just 50 pence in the Pound to start the ball rolling and because i need approval for these tokens this is to prove they are going to what i believe is a fantastic cause.

These ships which are 70 metres long eat the plastic in our Oceans that is their purpose simple as that my hope is because the starting price is so low everyone can purchase some to say they did there small part in helping to build these ships. As the plastic gets eaten this will serve to help our Sea life this is the main goal behind my attempt.

In total there will be one hundred Million tokens available as the ships cost thirty Million a ship i hope to have approval with in one month from tomorrow.

I do hope you will support Warrior One as best you can kind regards Paul Gallant.

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The ring you are looking at is from my online shop along with electric cars and electric motorbikes and e-bikes too kind regards Paul Gallant CEO
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