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Dynamicland (Dynamicland)

Dynamicland is a non-profit that tries to help people learn computers and programming by using everyday objects like sheets of paper and stickers that interact with each other.

There is a projector on the ceiling, which turn these pieces of paper into communal computers. To quote them,

"Dynamicland is a communal computer, designed for agency, not apps, where people can think like whole humans.

It's the next step in our mission to incubate a humane dynamic medium whose full power is accessible to all people."

"If the dynamic medium is to serve as the foundation for new modes of thought and communication, it must lift all people, not just those traditionally advantaged by technology. There is no product we can ship to achieve this goal.

Instead, we are building Dynamicland as a community space, where the people of Oakland will come to “live in the future” and shape the medium with us. We are actively drawing our community from a diverse set of people, with a focus on those who are underserved or alienated by current forms of computing."

"This community space is a model for a new kind of civic institution — a public library for 21st-century literacy."

I recommend anyone interested in technology, education, or sociology to check it out! I think this has a lot of potential.

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