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National Poetry Month — April 30th (Youtube)

Today I am featuring two poets, Brandon Flesher and Dan Hendrickson.

Photo #1 from Saint Paul, United States of America by Blake Hoena made on 2018-05-01 03:22 for Sola

Brandon (Brandonflesher)

Brandon Flesher has two books of poetry, Chasing Shadows and Shattered Dreams in Light. Check them out at his website.

Dan Hendrickson - Dark Glasses (Facebook)

Dan Hendrickson's latest book of poetry is Dark Glasses, and he has a Facebook page dedicated to it: . He has also written several collections of poetry under the pseudonym Henry Rifle.

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United States of America, Saint Paul
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We not gon' never stop this Operation Genocide The murderers will soon be identified Time for what must be done

You got planes in the sky while you're watching the ground White lines they releasing dropping chemicals down Food you consuming loaded up with GMOs More laws that take your rights away will be imposed Online posts got you under cyber-attack Now you're labelled a terrorist under the Privacy Act Phone and internet activity, they spying on that Now everybody's finding out what it's like to be black You think America is free? Sorry, you're wrong dude FDA tryna keep you from planting your own food No convo, gang monopolized by Monsanto No use trying to reproduce the seeds cause they won't grow Now you've gotta keep buying, the profit's enormous Cheating people and making money off of the farmers Experimenting with dangerous poison to harm us Anything pure and organic, they're taking it from us Satan on a mission daily to see what he can plot up Every two or three months, something getting bombed or shot up Some say that the world's gone crazy and backwards Some say it's all staged and the victims are actors The schemes and the lies, the subliminal cruelty The clues be usually hidden in movies They show you what they plan to do to trick and confuse us Hollywood is full of ruthless perverted producers They sit up in the offices designing the evil Negatively influencing the minds of the people Our male role model gain false successes Soon as they start blowing up, they put 'em in dresses It's money for your manhood, company's scaring 'em And now even these punk ass rappers is wearing 'em On the strongest world entities we place the owners A sports stadium is more important than the homeless For the longest, no remorse or atonements One of the biggest tricks is degrees and diplomas Wars get started cause the government's greedy Truth being overshadowed by reality TV America been murdering for centuries easy From diseasing the Indians all the way to Tuskegee So now murderous gangs cover a wide range From the immunization that they shoot in your child's veins To the flu shot that you got, the fake food chains The synthetic marijuana you're smoking, killing your brains A catalogue of pills contributes to the economy The dope house in the hood ain't got nothing on the pharmacy There's fifteen hundred malicious mad and ornery Ready for war, weapons and guns in the armory A chance to assassinate the President, they wait for Others stockpiling ammunition for a race war The wicked chemists still practicing racist eugenics Babies murdered in minutes at Planned Parenthood clinics No money or resources reinforces the fear Now we seeing 300,000 abortions a year How much is your money really worth, let's observe facts Go look up the Federal Reserve Act, research that The United State's debt grew exponentially From a billion to $12 trillion in less than a century The dollar used to be backed by silver and gold Now it's in rapid decline, no value it holds The stimulus packages is an economical trap But they don't tell you that the dollar's weak and gonna collapse Not to mention God is mad, so he acts with aggression Bringing storms down for centuries of death and oppression You say it's random acts of nature, but I call that the question Cause the scripture breaks down what America's destined for And it's much more than famine and war A tornado in your living room is hard to ignore You got America, Israel, Europe combined You've never seen this much evil in the world at one time How did the whole planet get fooled without a clue? Millions of people controlled and ruled by a few They got mad at Snowden for telling what he knew Because they don't want other countries to do what they do The undercover racists coming out of hibernation Protesters getting shot up at peaceful demonstrations The Devil's honeymoon is over cause they doomed Civil War in the U.S soon, so stay tuned

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