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Is there a name for when you realize that when you regret not doing something differently and you in turn also regret what you did instead and also realize that that carries on to every decision you'll ever make, ensuring you will never ever truly find fulfillment in your life nor any aspect of it? I'd describe it as some sort of future thought depression or really just self pointlessness.

Anybody else ever feel that way?

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Stuck in a loop? Vicious cycle?
Hanover Fiste
The problem is likely because you're trying too hard to make the ultimate decision. There's no perfect solution. Just be happy with good enough and move on
Ultimate decision?
Hanover Fiste
GiantManInSky, if an ok decision is ok then why would you regret it?
I think it's also called regret. Though the Germans may have something more on point.
The Germans always have something more on point when it comes to language.
Just some dude
Weltschmerz maybe
Just some dude, "Weltschmerz is a term coined by the German author Jean Paul and denotes the kind of feeling experienced by someone who believes that physical reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind." Giant, getting warm with that?
Tyler Anderson
Can't know if you would have found any fulfillment in what you could have done in the past, but you can instead look into your own life and see what you have done and can do and find fulfilment in that.
But if I find fulfillment in those things then when would I ever question them? Is it necessarily a bad thing to feel unfulfilled in that way?
Tyler Anderson
GiantManInSky, not inherently, but at a specific point then yes. My general rule of thumb is to never settle. While I am fulfilled with my current life, it can always improve and so I always seek that improvement.
It's a mind making a goal to change the past. You can feel stuck there with regret because by design you cannot fulfill a goal to change the past. You can change perspective on the past and reframe it so that you can let go of regret.
Jolly Roger
Cognitive dissonance?
Its not to late to change your path and reach whatever the original goal was. It just has a different path now. Look at it like driving if my destination was North and i went east, I don't have to go back to the original starting point to get to my destination.
I a call it a curse, you planted a see I call that curse you reap what you sow,if it affects your future children I call it a generational curse.
Well, all of our labor of existing is pointless to begin with, we're all just "clean slates" in the larger scheme of things, so working from this framework is a more realistic way of interpreting how and why it is that you might feel the way you do. That's not to say there is no meaning in your actions, but to assert that you might be "destined" to do something isn't or shouldn't be, a correct working diagnosis. More or less it seems as though you simply have regret for not acting according to your genuine nature, thus every bit of your forward thinking is colored by the fact that you might have been afraid, or embarrassed, or what have you to exert your will in a given situation. Maybe its shame, and the rest that follows suit could be attributed to over-thinking...maybe.
Tyler Anderson
This is what stirner would refer to as the creative nothing
Tyler Anderson, found this in the Anarchists library. Nice reference material. Thanks.
Tyler Anderson
StareN2theAbyss, youre welcome, I recommend the wolfi translation, which is under the title of "the unique and its property"
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