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One unique cultural tradition of Finland is 'virpominen' during Eastern. Then all the children in the neighborhood dress up like trulli, or witches, and carry brightly-decorated willow branches door-to-door to wish "Happy Easter!" to their neighbors, receiving candies in return. Our benevolent equivalent for anglo-saxon Halloween. ;)

This tradition is merge of western trulli, 'osterhexe' and eastern orthodox blessings. Joint tradition formed after WWII when population of Carelia in eastern Finland were relocated in western parts of country. Still some differences exist.

In remaining parts of Carelia, children take the neighborhood round in Palm Sunday after blessings of decorated willow branches in Church All-night vigil and carry reward at Resurrection Sunday.

In southern and most of western parts of Finland whole ceremony is done on Palm Sunday and usually Christian blessings aren't included. However, in north-western parts, this is done on Saturday after Good Friday.

Photo #1 from Espoo, Finland by Possu made on 2018-04-04 18:05 for Sola

Pääsiäisnoita - Wikipedia (Wikipedia)

Here is image from Wikipedia showing quite traditional osterhexe with willow branches.

Photo #2 from Espoo, Finland by Possu made on 2018-04-04 18:05 for Sola

And here is my pride and joy, my little piglette dressed as a cat, ready to do her round, last Saturday as her grand parents live in NE Finland.

A common blessing chant

*Virvon, varvon

tuoreeks terveeks,

tulevaks vuodeks;

vitsa sulle, palkka mulle!*

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