Pyar lafzo main kaha
Hi Friends... if you want to Earn Sol 💱, then Work with me, i will like you, vote me i will vote you follow me i will follow you, read me i will read you, i'm suported and always ready to help of every one Specialy beginners How to get Back 100Votes...??? On this chanel every one will Work toGather, Sport toGather and Earn toGather. When Anyone post something, then Every-One (who want to get 100Votes from other person's post) will suport and give 100Votes. After that he/she has Right to get back his/here Votes from post holder, then the Doner write a coment and ask to postHolder to send back his/her votes. 💰Do Good have Good💰 This is a good way to grow up and get Earning within a little time as you like. .💱 Rule is Rule 💱 Work toGather, suport toGather and Earn toGather. who will not follow these rules i will removed him/her.