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Have you ever spent time with someone that not real in a dream, likely in some sort of relationship or whatnot with them, but then miss them terribly once you wake up and they're gone?

I've been doing an awful lot of that recently.

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Canada, Mannville
More details please
Random ObsessionsAuthor
I keep having various dreams where I'm with a person that is completely fabricated by my subconscious. And so being that they're not really and that it's all in a dream they can 1. Be effectively the perfect person and 2. Have the relationship with them that probably wouldn't likely work in real life mixing in all the best parts of a brand new relationship and one that's lasted years. Then I wake up and the person is gone for good in everything but the few faint memories of the dream in I end up missing this fabricated person which is them on the back of my mind for the rest of the day or few days.
I have no idea what that's about. Over the years I've had a few dreams involving people I don't recognize, but they could be faces I glimpsed in a crowd and didn't register at the time or forgot. Maybe this is all a common occurrence
Random ObsessionsAuthor
Escape, well if I recall correctly you have a husband, where as I'm quite single. Maybe that has to do with why you don't get these types of dreams. 🤷♂️
They preceded him, but I don't think it would make a difference
Hanover Fiste
Yeah that's happened to me. It's odd how your mind can invent a whole personality!
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