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Photo #1 from Mannville, Canada by Random Obsessions made on 2018-08-31 19:33 for Sola

So the rather funny little pair. Boo, our few month old Cornish giant that tried to take off the top half of her head. And prickles, our ancient leghorn who has been beaten up by nearly every other chicken we own.

Photo #2 from Mannville, Canada by Random Obsessions made on 2018-08-31 19:33 for Sola

Somehow they've turned into the best of buddies and are usually right by each other with the exception of when Boo ventures to try and satisfy her black hole of a stomach.

Boo even twice now got Prickles to explore the yard a bit which is a massive step up from before Boo moved in when Prickles activitys for the day only included laying about.

Prickles is also starting to find her voice again too which is awesome.

Technically speaking Boo should be going to butcher with the other 74 Cornish giants but we ended up taking care of her after she got hurt which then led to naming her, and then she befriended Prickles whose needed a companion for a long time so as far as I'm concerned Boo is here to stay. Though come winter were going to have to figure out what to do so that she roosts in a way that she doesn't break a leg jumping down from a roost. She's rather fat.

On another note Boo and Prickles are the only two birds named after an injury they acquired. Boo skalped herself somehow, removing the top of her head down to the skull. Though managed to heal beautifully and has a very minimal scar. Prickles on the other hand is one of two other ex battery hens (we got five but two didn't make it) but has none of the fight that the other two have and so a year ago the other two started pecking at her tail and ended up drawing blood which then cascaded into a very blood soaked chicken. So between the pecking mostly stripping the tail feathers and the blood soaking what wasn't stripped, her tail looked very prickly so we called her prickle butt, which then got shortened to Prickles. By now though she's all but recovered and has new feathers. Though her comb never got back to the same size as a normal leghorn, though her feasting on chickstarter with all the new chicks has gotten the bright red color back in her face.

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Canada, Mannville
Boo is a therapy chicken for Prickles ❤️
Random ObsessionsAuthor
Pretty much how it goes. Boo even has a habit of guarding the little coop that they share with with the chicks/momma.
Random ObsessionsAuthor
Escape 🌹, she's a sweetheart like that. I didn't get to see this as I was at work or something but my father watched it, apparently a little after Donna had her chicks the crows took notice and were trying to grab one. So while Donna and her babies were hiding in the coop Boo was running around after any crows that landed on the ground or tried to get close, puffing up her neck feathers any everything. Boo was in no danger as she's a big cornish giant which are a meat breed but Donnas' chicks and even herself being a tiny silkie weren't in the same boat.
She's a little hero!
Random ObsessionsAuthor
Escape 🌹, her whole existence can more or less be summed up as a friendly big guard chicken. Which is good since Prickles seems to have the chicken variant of ptsd. If something would move towards her too quick she'd try and fluff up her neck feathers at it but if it kept going she'd turn around hunch her wings (effectively how we hunch our shoulders) pull in her neck and freeze completely. She's also the only chicken I know that sleep on the ground and with her head tucked in a corner.
Poor Prickles is a sad case, I'm glad she has a friend to protect her and keep her company
Random ObsessionsAuthor
Escape 🌹, yeah she's definitely had a rough go. But like you said at least she's comfortable now.
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