Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder is a plan whose benefits change over time.

During the accumulation period, when the member is presumed healthy, the main benefits are:

-- preventive care through annual physical exam, dental exam

-- hospitalization via in-patient benefits

-- life insurance

During the extended period, 7 years later, the benefits are expanded

-- yearly health benefits go to health fund

-- yearly additional healthbenefits go to health fund

-- growth of unused health fund

-- outpatient benefits ( charged to health fund )

-- inpatient benefits ( charged to health fund )

-- life insurance

On maturity, the planholder can get the cash equivalent of:

-- long term care benefit

-- long term care bonus (if no in-patient benefits used during accumulation period)

-- accumulated unused health fund

The projected maturity value assumes no health benefits are used earlier. If benefits are used earlier, then the earning base is decreased, thus resulting in lower maturity value.

One may opt to keep the health funds with Kaiser, to let it grow at a minimum of 3% per annum ( projected at 7-10%) and reserve it for future use for

-- inpatient benefits

-- outpatient benefits

One may also opt to use it as a pension fund or any purpose until fund is depleted.

The life insurance coverage is fixed throughout the 20 years. and does not extend into the long term care period after 20 years.

Source: Kaiser precomp, and Kaiser presentations.

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