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This is my office workspace. What I do for society is helping employers in taxi sector become fitter to stand up for themselves and against injustice at their workspace.

I do this on all levels. From coaching an individual in negotiations with his boss to organising groups to to join in force to get what they need.

A decent amount of work is via mail WhatsApp telephone and one-way information via newsletters and short films.

At my work in the FNV trade union we have a workers council that I was recently elected for. Here I get a lot of insight what is happening in the rest of the union. We have a million members but we are in dire states due to the baby-boom effect. Our members do not grow under the young demogah and the older members are going on pension. So we need to change big time.

I work most individually but we have a team of 6 to cover the country. There are 35000 employees and 10% are member. Working in a team is not always easy. We have to find ways to put our differences to good use instead of letting them collide and that can be a challenge sometimes.

I am very happy with my job. I like working with my head an to find creative solutions. And I love to help people grow and become stronger.

If you have any questions I will happily answer what I can😃

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The Netherlands, Rotterdam
José Zueco...™
How about the criminals at the central station..? There are never real taxi drivers...
Rufus KohnAuthor
Yes a very good question. The taxi sector is full of cowboys. Street taxis make up about 25% of the market. Most street taxis drivers are not employees so that group is part of the union. The street taxi drivers work for themselves. And most bosses in the sector started out like that. So this “criminals “ as you correctly call them rip off their own employees when their business grows
Nina One
This is work that needs doing. Thank you. Uber is being allowed to undercut taxi drivers in Toronto, though they have none of the licensing and insurance they ought to have.
Rufus KohnAuthor
That is the dream of shared economy. But as soon as that economy fails to keep us safe we will start regulations again.
José Zueco...™
I don't know where they stand in the Netherlands but they are more polite and reliable than the rest...
Rufus KohnAuthor
José Zueco...™, they are obliged to follow schooling that involves social skills
José Zueco...™
Rufus Kohn, I only use Uber, only good experiences...
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