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~~~ Overview ~~~ Canadian ❄🇨🇦 Blogger 📝 Vlogger ▶️ Podcaster 🎧 Entrepreneur​ 👔 Social Media Marketer 📲 Cryptocurrency Investor 💰 Social Blockchain Influencer 🌐 Philosopher ☯️ Content Creator 📝 Top Pro Creator on SOLA + 362nd most followed on Steem 🏆 ~~~ Biography ~~~ I am a social blockchain enthusiast that blogs and vlogs on all the major platforms! I've also just started podcasting. I'm working to help teach people on there more about it. I also spend a great deal of time helping people grow their online presence and social media base. I'm enthusiastic about cryptocurrency and try to use my social media marketing skills to help better projects I believe in. I believe blockchain social media is the next frontier and opportunity to capitalize on. The main blockchain socials I use today are Lit, Minds, SOLA, Whaleshares, Weku, and Steem and want to work on more on-boarding for social agencies, brands, and influencers I am also a big believer in motivation, entrepreneurship, and philosophy. The main subjects I will cover are philosophy, cryptocurrency, blockchain, social media, and alternative news. Stay tuned! ~~ Social Media ~~ Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - LinkedIn - Steem - Minds - Whaleshares - WEKU - SOLA - Soundcloud Podcast - ~~~ Donate To Help Keep Me Going ~~~ ETH: 0x3fcb3018cbd53e0a6c93048eb5c7199487d7b7fe
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Joined 22 May 2018

Hey everyone, so after I uploaded my video yesterday I got several questions around social blockchains and the 5 major ones I reviewed which were Weku, Steem, Whaleshares, Sola, and Minds.


My advice is don't take advice.


The 5 main platforms I've been using are: Sola, Minds, Steem, Weku, and Whaleshares, but be wary with Whaleshares because of their power down. I briefly go over these 5 again to revisit them since I originally joined and reviewed them. I was supposed to also share what I wasn't using anymore. Well I'm not using Peepeth, Sapien, Fyre, Dmunity, and a few others. I've hardly been using Lit since they overhauled it to be mainly like and also renamed it PiePie.


In this video I dive into the community standards for hate speech and what Facebook actually considers hate speech given it's removing around 300,000 posts monthly if not more on just the basis of hate speech. People are getting censored and banned left and right, but mostly right. We need more transparency and updates being made to reflect what they are actually going after people for. Let's dive into what they have laid out together.


A lot has been happening in the realm of social blockchain platforms and their value over the last few months. In this video I talk about where we are currently with cryptocurrency and blockchain social and where I think we are headed. I also discuss what I believe will bring us to mass adoption.


When you really start to dive into becoming financially literate, it becomes much more obvious how important it is to have a business and an occupation. Not just one or the other. Build your assets and let money work for you, don't just work for money.


Firstly, I want to say that this is purely speculation and opinion of why the stocks are being affected and I do not have a background in finance or financial analysis. So if I'm wrong, feel free to point it out. What I'm talking about here though is mainly that it seems to be there is a correlation in big tech censorship and their stocks dropping accordingly to each big censorship "attack." My assumption is they want it to happen enough that people are scared and censor themselves so they don't have to do it themselves and keep losing stock because the original motivation I assume was to clean up their platforms for advertisers, but now there are less users and the platforms is becoming less valuable.


It feels like I've been slacking lately on my content creation, but don't worry I have just been very focused on my music and I plan to go double down on blockchain related social going into 2019. Many believe we are in a crypto slump, I just see this as a buying opportunity and a chance to grow when there is less noise from lacking monetization motivation for other creators. Go all in!


Check out my new logical fallacies blog outlining some interesting fallacies to be aware of


This book has so many amazing financial gems in it that I wanted to share while I was about halfway through the book and the information was still fresh in my mind. Some of the main points he made were that you should focus on buying assets to generate more wealth and avoid liabilities. Most people think certain liabilities are assets when they are not. The rich focus on acquiring assets and diversifying and letting their money work for them. Financial literacy is a crucial component to success. There are so many more!Note that near the end I say I use my rent as part of my income tax and I sort of fumble with what I'm saying. I'm saying that rent if you're working from home can be used as a deduction from the income tax you would have to pay.




In this video that I made a few days ago but only got to upload now. I'm basically just announcing that Gab is back and that I have high hopes for the platform to set a precedent for free speech. I am not alt-right and hardly even identify as strictly right wing. I also do not condone antisemitism, however free speech has its nuances and I support free speech before I support anti-hate speech. It's basically impossible for both. I briefly go through their Twitter and share some of the companies trying to silence them and what they've been up to.


In my last video I detailed a lot of the blockchain social platforms I utilize everyday. In this video I talk about a more meta view of where blockchain is going and what I think about in terms of social media. I also talk about why I believe it will replace traditional social and why you should get situated on these platforms earlier than later. As a social marketer who loves blockchain I'm so anxious to see how this plays out and eager to see how many people were able to achieve much more success through taking this advice.


Freedom of speech cannot be taken, only given up when the individual has reached their tipping point. Keep pushing because the more they try to take, the more known their agenda becomes and the more empowered the individual can become in policing the police. They aren't trying to force you to abide by their ways, they are slowly trying to normalize the idea that you should censor your own thoughts, speech, and opinions out of fear of scrutiny, radical reactions, and censorship. This is just as much a culture war as it is an information war.


We all know the saying "get woke, go broke." Being partisan will polarize your community and audience and looking at the recent trends in the stock market for major tech companies, you could make the connection between their mass censorship and targeting of right wing accounts has begun to hurt their stocks. It seems obvious to me that pandering to one value set and rejecting others is digging your own grave when it comes to offering a global service and platform.


Woah I just noticed that the cost to boost on SOLA is now insanely cheaper!


Censorship is running rampant. I lost 10% of my Twitter followers just last week. We need a public ban list to properly track it and show people what not to do wrong and to prove that you’re being unbiased. It was very challenging for me to find anything useful.


Check out my 11th logical fallacies blog in my series about logical fallacies and how you can better prepare yourself for debates and navigate today's ideological political environment


You're not afraid of death in the way you thought you were. You're actually afraid of not having lived enough life. The simple solution is to go live your life, the way you want! Otherwise you'll always suffer from a lingering death-anxiety


My followers hit 10,000 then recently Twitter must have banned more right wing accounts. 1000 followers less and here we are back at 9,000. It's not even the concern that I've lost followers, but that I fear it's because they held a certain view that they were silenced. :/


I had someone recently ask that I cover this on YouTube so here I am going over invested stake and what it typically means including comparing Whaleshares and Steem to platforms without invested stake like Minds. Let me know if I hit the nail on the head or if I missed anything. Leave a comment as to which type of platform you prefer and what you've used so far.


Super psyched that I got this free merch from Technically Crypto! Feeling super blessed and wanted to thank everyone for your support getting to this point. 🙏


We can feel envy and we can feel inspired. Usually by the same thing we experience or see or what have you. The thing is we don't have to stop at just that. We can go a step further and turn either of those feelings into something so much more. You can use it to motivate to create and bring something to others. You can use that feeling to do more for yourself and for the world. When I'm sad, I make music instead of wallowing in sadness and not only does it help me heal, but it can help others too.


If I've taken anything away from reading Alan Watts' Out Of Your Mind, it's that you should play the game for the sake of playing. Not to get to the end, or finish, or get to the destination, but for the experience, the journey.


Hey everyone I just wanted to give a huge thank you for supporting me and getting me all the way up to to where I've gotten to! The milestones just keep getting smashed!


Hey everyone I just finished reading Alan Watts' book titled Out Of Your Mind. It's one of his many books and a classic if there ever was one. I'm a huge fan of Alan Watts' philosophy and have listened to all his lectures and now have begun to dive into his literature which is more or less the same, but I wanted the 360 view of his work.


I'm starting a podcast so you can listen to the same thing as my videos but in just audio format. I may also add some occasional motivational stuff and a few exclusive podcast bits of content too. Stay tuned!


This is my awesome new logo for my podcast. I was debating whether I should make this my profile picture, but I don't know if not having the real me would be somewhat disconnecting. Let me know what you think! I feel like it goes great with my vibe


I'm sure you've seen that Gab has been deplatformed and shut down by many big tech companies. There's been a lot going on. I briefly go over the situation and call for a discussion and focus on this as it forms future precedents on free speech.


I'm curious as to what you prefer best about SOLA and why you like it. Feel free to mention what you like about it in the comments and or how it compares to other blockchain social media platforms.

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