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~~~ 📝 Biography 📝 ~~~ I'm an entrepreneur and social media marketer with a big focus on growth hacking and innovating with digital marketing. I love to keep a positive and healthy lifestyle. I usually spend a great deal of my time keeping up with and getting ahead of social trends and the latest updates. I strive to bring value to others and empower people to pursue their passion and become financially empowered by blockchain technologies. On the side I'm a social blockchain enthusiast sharing blogs and vlogs on the major platforms. I'm working to help teach people online more about it and how to benefit from it. I also help people grow their online presence and social media base on blockchain social and traditional platforms. I'm enthusiastic about cryptocurrency and utilize my social media marketing skills to feature I believe in. Blockchain social media is the next frontier for digital marketing and presents an opportunity to capitalize on. The main blockchain socials I use are Minds, SOLA, and Steem. I want to continue to work more doing on-boarding for social agencies, brands, and influencers to create more opportunities for everyone! I have been doing digital marketing with a focus on social media for over 5 years now and I’ve helped many clients and either assisted on or directly managed hundreds of accounts! Watch my introduction video here: My top achievements are: - Pro Creator on SOLA (3 million+ upvotes & hold top posts in all major topic categories) - In The Top 500 most followed on STEEM - 50,000+ subscribers/followers across all social platforms As a social blockchain enthusiast, I have been networking with and expanding the reach of many blockchain companies and projects that I have worked with such as: - EasyDex - - IBM Exchange - Energi - iBitcome I have also partially managed or assisted on social accounts for: - Steepshot - DTube - Fundition I'm always seeking new opportunities! If you feel like we can mutually benefit one another, don't hesitate to send me a message or email me at or find me anywhere under @scottcbusiness Thank you for reading this all the way to the end! You rock :) 📧 Sign Up For My Newsletter 📧 ~~ 💬 Topics I Cover 💬 ~~ - Philosophy - Spirituality - Motivation & Success - Social Media - Cryptocurrency - Blockchain - Alternative News ~~ 👥 Social Media 👥 ~~ Steem - Minds - SOLA - Instagram - YouTube - BitTube - BitChute - LinkedIn - Twitter - Soundcloud Podcast - ~~~ 💎 Support Me If You Find Value In What I Do 💎 ~~~ ETH: 0x3fcb3018cbd53e0a6c93048eb5c7199487d7b7fe BTC: 3MWhAo2pbrKLmhkRGj8WuTo2VzLVeuimTs LTC: MJMYVTL5iL9GvyQJcn7w7uiyUFMuSFDHke
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Joined 22 May 2018

Google Plus Is Gone As Of April 2nd

Comprehensive Blockchain & Alternative Social Platforms Review (Youtu)

Logical Fallacies Series Part 15


You have a little bit of wiggle room to change your thoughts and impact your reality. You generally think 6,750 new thoughts that you hadn't thought the previous day. We can capitalize on this information by ensuring that everyday we strive for positive and impactful thoughts because if we keep them in our minds and lock them into our daily repeating 68,250 thoughts then those thoughts will become actions, then habits, and eventually your reality.


How To Start Vlogging And What I Use


Why You Should Surround Yourself With Hard Truth Tellers


Recently someone asked me what I do and wanted me to explain it in-depth in a vlog and or blog so I figured I would do just that to give people a better introduction to what I'm talking about and what I do for a living. I dive into my social media marketing career and then onto blockchain technology which I got into about a year ago while still keeping a focus on the social aspect of it. I end off talking about what I offer currently and what I will be focused on for this year going forward. You can always inquire and I am able to send you much more information with visuals as needed. Just know I am here to help!


I'm interested to see how Bitcoin moves in 2019 and if it continues it's several year trend. Given the technology has become somewhat outdated compared to new cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks and applications like Steem, there needs to be more awareness and investing in practical currencies so that they can decouple from Bitcoin and not rely on it's price point to hold a strong value, it's just too volatile. Until people take the large amount of fiat out of Bitcoin and invest into other coins. I see explain my views in the video in the two paths I see. There are many others I'm sure, these are the two I'd be interested to see and benefit from regardless. ;)


My advice is don't take advice.


I've found a lot of people struggle to pursue their passion or to find their passion to begin with and there is a lot of stigma and shame around not knowing or pursuing it that people avoid talking about or being open about it which keeps them from getting more involved and learning more and moving forward. This may not be you, but a lot of people just live for the weekend. I'd like to address these fears and concepts and I draw an interesting parallel between financial literacy and pursuit of passion. You must sacrifice, focus on it, talk about it and learn more, you can't just want it. Everyone wants money. It's not a goal because everyone wants it, just like breathing oxygen isn't a goal. This isn't to say you shouldn't strive for wealth, but you should strive for passion and the wealth will come.


In our real lives free speech is said to be a right, but when we get online and interact with the world do we have free communication? I would say no. The thing is the more hate speech and anti free speech legislation we enable, the more that this can be used against the same people advocating for it. This sets up precedents for worse restrictions on our freedoms. What people seem to forget is that free speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences. If you say awful things, you probably won't get hired or treated with respect. So it's not like people need to be thrown in jail based on the words they use because as I explain in the video it's not about what was said, but rather who was offended and by how much. I absolutely don't think you should say offensive things, but if you believe in free speech you must advocate for the free speech of everyone including people you disagree with because otherwise the rhetoric you use to censor and silence someone else will eventually be used against you.


The First Sentence Is The URL Slug On SOLA


We can’t have discussions at all without first agreeing on standards for truths like that we will use logic to determine the most accurate outcome. If we can’t rely on an unbiased third party to take away our unending struggle for dominance then the fight will forever continue and we will all struggle along with it. For example if we don’t know how to spell something instead of bickering we consult a dictionary which is an unbiased third party.


I came to a great realization this year that if I wasn’t struggling to achieve the things I wanted, then I wasn’t trying hard enough. Not just the next goal, but struggling to achieve my vision. Struggling to say no to a night out over working or learning. I was trying to be comfortable, but we don’t grow in that space. We have to push those limits. I thought I was doing so much work and putting in so much effort to improving myself that I was getting comfortable with it and becoming more apathetic. I miss when I had no money and I was staying up all night coding websites and working on music. I realized this year that I don’t have that same energy and if I don’t feel like I’m struggling then I’m not done for the day.


You say you're looking for enlightenment and you're looking for something new? How can you ask for something when you don't know what it is?


Check out my 11th logical fallacies blog in my series about logical fallacies and how you can better prepare yourself for debates and navigate today's ideological political environment


These are all the shots from my morning walk. One of my followers asked I share more of my personal life so this is me doing that! Cheers 😊


I really enjoy the way Alan Watts depicts death. He describes it as an event between intervals, like music for example. A better analogy could be the different seasons. They are cyclical and will keep happening with intervals and events, but there could be a fear for example that the next season won't come. The only reason we aren't afraid of that is because we are so used to KNOWING that it will come and what happens next. The only difference between that and death is that we don't know for sure what is to happen when our interval ends and we hit the death event. Will there be another interval? Of course there will be. There is nothing in this world that doesn't run on a cyclic cycle of intervals. Think about it, time, light, sound, seasons, hunger, birth and death, revolution around the sun, and maybe even the birth and death of our universe are all patterns that will keep patterning. Anxiety is when you try to fight it, you try to go against the cycles and the change.


Growth Mindset Versus A Fixed Mindset


How To Get Better Results On Blockchain Social Platforms


How To Get Better Results On Sola


Asking For Opinions And Advice About Your Passion


In my last video I detailed a lot of the blockchain social platforms I utilize everyday. In this video I talk about a more meta view of where blockchain is going and what I think about in terms of social media. I also talk about why I believe it will replace traditional social and why you should get situated on these platforms earlier than later. As a social marketer who loves blockchain I'm so anxious to see how this plays out and eager to see how many people were able to achieve much more success through taking this advice.


Is there a way to find out who the top creators on SOLA are? I'd love to see their content and hopefully learn from them. If you know anything about this let me know or if you know anyone who you believe to be somewhere within the top 50.


The Cryptocurrency Investing Emotional Guide


We all tend to value the opinions of the people we spend the most time with. If they don't support your passion, then you have to step back and realize a few things.


We Should Do Our Due Diligence Before Commenting


Can Blocking Someone On Social Media Suppress Free Speech?


Did you know the liberal government in Canada is dedicating 7 million dollars to monitoring fake news which they haven't defined leading up to the election. I'm very concerned that they may win via censorship. I also won't be surprised in the next several months if something happens to my social channels for covering it. I will be shifting to a more political mode for my coverage leading up to elections. To say I'm concerned is an understatement.


What Do You Think Will Happen With The World Record Egg?

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