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Asking For Opinions And Advice About Your Passion

The simple advice I can give about advice and opinions on your passion is that you should do whatever you think is best and not rely on other people's advice. There is a difference between advice and learning something from someone. They are typically use interchangeably, but largely I consider advice a way for you to blame the mentor or person who gave the advice if it doesn't work. If you learn from someone and apply it on your own terms and accept the outcomes as something that you caused and its your responsibility to with deal then you can improve yourself and genuinely grow.

I recently shared a post that gave some advice on this and I will include that here.

We all tend to value the opinions of the people we spend the most time with. If they don't support your passion, then you have to step back and realize a few things.

  1. They aren't you and have no idea what you want and are capable of
  1. They likely aren't authorities on what you're asking them about and you shouldn't place their opinion on a pedestal.
  1. You can cut them off if it is seriously affecting how you feel
  1. They could just be envious of your audacity to do what you want and regret they didn't.
  1. They may need validation that what they are doing wasn't the wrong choice.
  1. You control who you spend time with and whose opinions you value. Don't value someone who doesn't value you!

If no one believes in you or at least you feel that no one does. I believe in you and your passion. I believe in it so much that I dare you to have the audacity to pursue it. Reach your full potential and become self actualized!

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Hanover Fiste
Until I met my wife, I always had to prove people wrong. Nobody trusted me or believed in me. I had to learn this "advice" you're giving the hard way and it's nice to see it put into well structured words. Everyone will experience this in some form at some point, usually often. You've found some great reasons behind it and ways to deal with it. You really can't cut off your family except in the most extreme cases, but you can prove them wrong. Unfortunately, they usually don't change.....
Scott Cunningham
Pro Creator
Yeah with family it's the hardest. However if there is a very toxic relationship there, it could be for the best. Glad you found value in this, thanks for checking it out!
Hanover Fiste
Scott Cunningham, I did, it put a lot of things in perspective for me.. thanks
Scott Cunningham
Pro Creator
Hanover Fiste, Glad to hear it buddy!
Ishfaque Ahmed
Deleted by post owner
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