Blockchain Social Platforms Review Updated

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This review is a follow up to the review that I did previously. I have shared it everywhere, but the most updated version is on Minds with edits plus a video and blog on how to get better results on Steem, Sola, and Minds.

Comprehensive Blockchain & Alternative Social Platforms Review:

How To Get Better Results On Blockchain Social Platforms:

This will be covering new platforms not covered in the previous as well as rereview any applications or websites that weren’t quite to par but weren’t awful. I will very briefly double check the awful ones and either add them here if they’ve improved or not include them given, they were in the last one and you don’t need to see the same thing twice.

I’ve also updated the category names and made a few changes to the template as I’ve greatly reduced the size of this review by eliminating all the platforms from the first few categories covering those that were very low quality, low to medium quality, and those that required approval or had some connection with legacy social platforms. I still went through some of them which proved that they all hadn’t seen much progress since the first review. Also with this review I will only focus on blockchain platforms and I will have a separate review for alternative platforms.

In the video itself I go through some of the main recommendations I give and platforms that I am currently using. I don’t cover everything given the video is already 42 minutes long, so depending on how much you want to know about these platforms you can read my brief or watch the video. I explain some of the features on the platforms, but I don’t fully explain everything. I go over the differences and reasons why I like or don’t like the platform comparatively. Also note in the video I kept saying BitTube when I was reviewing BitChute, but you can clearly see what platform I’m on. Just keep that in mind.

These are links to the blogs that will actually share all this information given there is a character limit for YouTube




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