Sometimes I have to censor what I report on because I feel that it will be too controversial. Sometimes I am sick or feel awful and can't make a video. Sometimes I make a video and then I just don't like it. Sometimes I can't think or what to do a video on. If you ever feeling the same way whether it's blogging, video, or whatever your medium happens to be then you know that your need some sort of process to manage that. I talk about how I handle this myself and the way I approach the concept in general. Don't beat yourself up, just grind and put out your best work.

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You'd be much more successful to be controversial and have a real opinion. You might lose some viewers in the beginning, but you'd eventually make up for them ten fold with loyal viewers looking for strong and confident people speaking the opinions that they believe to be true. Especially if your "controversial" thoughts, opinions, or remarks are conservative in nature. The left will certainly demonize you, but in the end, I think most people are fed up with everyone walking on egg shells scared not to offend. I certainly am. Its disingenuous when you try to appease everyone by suppressing your true feelings on a matter. And I think most people can really sense that.
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Spock, I mean to be fair a lot of what I've been putting out lately has been much more controversial and I guess in a sense you are right. I've barely walked on egg shells but there are certain times where I feel like it's too big a target to paint on myself. As I become more financially stable and less worried about my views affecting my livelihood, I will probably get more outspoken on these matters. Mind you again, I've been fairly outspoken to begin with. I've mostly sided with conservatives.
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Ari Asulin
ConsiderThis: Communism used ANTI GRAVITY+Flying Fortresses to win WW2. Ever seen the movie Memphis Belle? Remember the plane was only flying with aSINGLEengine at the end of the movie? If one or multiple jumbo jet engines fail, only one jet engine is required stay in the air. There is no explaination yet from Boeing or NASA as to how Jumbo Jets can stay in the air with only a SINGLE ENGINE operating on ONE (not both) wings. Explanation? AG technology secretly keeps the planes afloat once the jet engines is running, while propellers are only used to move the plane forward. This technology was built into the planes in such a way that their own pilots and engineers did not realize it. This was the only way they could get theseTEENAGEsoldiers into the planes and send them hundreds of miles on bombing raids. Smaller stunt planes do not need such technology to fly, but B29&B52 bombers absolutely did since they needed to carry a major payload in bombs.
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