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This is the second last song off the EP "Something i Need." Hope you enjoy it!

Today you are much more likely to be in a relationship based around fake love and infatuation or a sex driven passion rather than something closer to real love. That's what this song is about.

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Canada, Waterloo
janb mjy b bto kasy zaeda krty ha sol plzzzzzz
Ep My Favorite, Love this Song.
That's awesome! So glad you liked it
ScottyChams, Thanks
Shit nothin wrong with a sex driven passion ya do it get out and have coffee the next day
PlagKeeper, Nothing wrong necessarily if that's your thing
ScottyChams, besides most girls aren’t looking for a long term thing anyways
PlagKeeper, you're not wrong and that's the issue cause they perpetuate that ideal on us
ScottyChams, um not sure how to respond to that
Plz ap muga Bhe Jon karo
Jayendra shankar Gambhe
Deleted by post owner
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"Let's try it" he said. "It'll be fun" he said. The "he" in this conversation being my Adonis looking husband and me being the not-so-much-Greek-Goddess other half of the equation. I certainly couldn't use the excuse that I didn't have a thing to wear! That was my first and very common misconception - that a nudist resort is about looking good in "nothing". The next common misconception is that it is all about wild sex 24/7. Both of those things are sure to be found somewhere, as there is a niche for everything. But a regular family style AANR (American Association of Nude Recreation) gathering is not about how you look or sexual exploits. It is about feeling free and comfortable in your own skin. No judgements. No worry about having the right designer clothes or putting together the right look. As soon as you can stop worrying about the IMAGE you are trying to present to the world, you are free to be yourself. It was a picture perfect beautiful day in Florida. Once past the gate and headed for the reception desk we encountered an older couple on bicycles, people sitting around a patio table having a drink, a 4-some on the tennis court all "au naturale ". Well actually the tennis players were wearing shoes and socks, which certainly made sense. The receptionist checked us in and took us a for a first timer's tour. By the time we had been shown the lakefront, checked out a few of the restaurants, and ended up at one of the pools, the shock had worn off. We were seeing everyone (literally) interacting with no signs of even noticing that there were no clothes in this world. In fact, we were feeling self conscious and out of place because we were still dressed. Once the tour was completed we had to make the decision to stay and enjoy, or retreat to the car and take our prudish narrow mindedness home. The decision was unanimous, let the unpacking begin! We ventured out of our cabin a new minutes later, wearing hats, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen. The first stop was the pool. If you have never swam in the nude, you don't know what you are missing. To this day I detest having to wear a swimsuit in a pool or hot tub! During this weekend, we swam, ate in restaurants, danced, and sunbathed. No tan lines! We met several other people, from young newcomers like us to one couple in their 80s who had been nudists for 50 years. And not one person tried to drag us off for wild uncontrollable sex. No one stared, made gestures, made comments or in any way made me feel uncomfortable at any time. In fact, there are strict rules about inappropriate behavior. I have felt way more threatened around drunks in a bar or at a party than I ever felt here. There are a couple of etiquette things you learn that are unique to the situation. For instance, you carry your own personal towel with you and always sit on your towel. Just for the sake of hygiene, you don't want to sit your bare bottom on a chair that has recently held someone else's bare bottom! The towel brings me to another of the "worries" of going to a nudist resort. We all know the nature of men and how arousal can hit them at the most inopportune times. My husband was worried that it might happen to him. Again, the preconception is that this is going to be a very sexual environment. I'm not saying this doesn't happen to us women as well, but at least it's not readily apparent, like it is for men. However, the fear was proven needless because the atmosphere was not in the least erotic. Everything was very laid back and calm. The nudity was just accepted and normal. But just in case you did find yourself in an unexpected state of arousal - there is your towel! In conclusion, although I wasn't expecting it, I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. We have been back to this resort a couple of times over the years and I'm glad that we were open minded enough to consider it and brave enough to go through with it. It was definitely a good experience. After all, you can't judge a book by its cover - if it isn't wearing a cover! Be who you are and accept others as they are, it's a refreshing lifestyle.

Мозг Джинна
~(0--w--o)~ My inbox: My top cards: Age: 27 Работаю одмином и погромистом. Обожаю фантастику, киберпанк, стимпанк. Писаю кипятком от людей с осмысленным взглядом. Увлекаюсь бисером, вышиванием и плетением. Плаваю с дельфинами. Леплю из глины милые горшочки и котиков с такой поднятой лапкой. Почетный член тайной организации. Увлекаюсь настольным теннисом. Варю варенье и собираю грибы. Гуляю по вечерней Москве.
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