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In the old days I was grateful for punk rock bands with lyrics about social un-justice and broken systems. A band called The Dead Kennedy’s wrote “Holiday in Cambodia” about Pol Pot and genocide, another called Agent Orange took their name from a nerve gas used on soldiers in get the picture. Along with the music I read Crime and Punishment, Civil Disobedience and more from the Enlightenment era authors. After a few years I was bored with punk rock when I was introduced to a band called The Pist “Ideas are bullet proof”. I had never been hit so hard by 3 words, I had been inflicted and forever changed.Fast forward 2013..after years of doing nothing I was working in a nightclub when unexpected opportunity would lead to this moment 5 years later. A job using a CNC mill machine was offered to me, I had no idea what a CNC machine was but I was assured that it was worth it. Reluctantly I decided to take it. At first the internet was where my time was spent, I needed to learn some CAD for problem solving G-Code on the CNC machine and YouTube was easy. I would watch videos and search over and over hoping for some thing new to help me out when I saw a video of a 3D printed gun being shot that day by a guy named Cody Wilson.Within weeks I had been introduced to CNC milling and 3D printing. I had never heard of 3D printing and to me it was magical. I told everyone I knew about the printer while leaving out the gun part. I didn't think anyone would get 3D printing and adding guns to the story would be ludicrous. No one I talked to knew anything about 3D printing except one guy at work. He showed me that the CNC machine also had a camera that would help in the CAD process for CNC milling and 3D printing. My mind was made up I was going to learn anything necessary so that I could have my own machines. Just weeks into the new job and I couldn't care less about it. I was going to manufacture my own future.As I researched what I needed to learn I began following Defense Distributedand Cody Wilson, not because I wanted to print guns. What I had seen just blew my mind open with possibility. I felt like my chains had fallen off and not one person had noticed that I was now free. I did not have the language yet to describe what Cody and the Liberator had given me I just knew I knew it. As I started on my journey of learning Cody was going through court after court with the State Department, for a while he was everywhere. After a time he started to fade from the lime light as the novelty wore off. Mean while I had been putting maximum effort into my progress and minimal into work. I still didn't have the language to express to people around me what I was doing and what I saw. They worried, the worry became apprehension, and that grew into anger. I noticed the problem but ignored it until I saw a mini documentary called revolt..revolt..that got my attention. I watched as Cody showed us all that while fighting the State over posting free files of the Liberator on Defcad he had made an AR-15 and not a plastic one. It was CNC milled and metal, enter the Ghost Gunner. The gun was impressive but this for me was never about the gun, it was the narrative. If guns were possible anything was, I was more determined than ever, as I listened to Cody speak on the politics of his endeavor, he said it. He said simply and plainly what his intention had been. He didn't want to just have the idea, he wanted to inflict the idea.Inflict the idea, the idea had inflicted like a bullet proof idea. Now I had been Radically Inflicted. Some say it is wrong to inflict ideas but I intend to do the same as Cody. Nearly two weeks ago I received my first CNC machine. I am programming it and building it myself,and next the 3D printer. However, as much as I admire what Cody has done it has never been about guns for me. It has to do with freedom, definitions, and redistribution of intellectual property, information and wealth through sharing of ideas, opensource software and THE RADICAL INFLICTION of my fellow countrymen.

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