Airdrop program
Get from 15 SOL free and 10 SOL per referral
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5 months

Dear Sola users!

We’re starting an Airdrop program and from now on new users will be rewarded for registration and install. We resume referral system as well: you will get 5% of referred users SOL and 5 SOL per app install.

Photo #1 from Mitino District, Russia by Anastasia Smur made on 2018-09-10 16:31 for Sola
4.508SOL earned
Russia, Mitino District
Rufus Kohn
What’s an airdrop?
Anastasia Smur
Developer team
Hello, Rufus! A crypto airdrop is when a blockchain project distributes free tokens or coins to the crypto community for some actions, for holding a coin, etc... Rules may be different in every airdrop project.
Rufus Kohn
Anastasia Smur, if someone opens an internet link of a card of mine and decides to download and join sola does that earn free Sol airdrop?
5̀øÑ͜ ̕0f Æ̨ ğłīťç̴H
*User and channel exist with same slug* Is it supposed to say that if I click on the air drop link? Besides, what exactly is an Airdrop?! Just a throw away of loot.. I mean honorable crypto to participants!?
Pro Creator
We're already registered. That's it, no?
5̀øÑ͜ ̕0f Æ̨ ğłīťç̴H
🍼🏍🔥 Garsbriel ❓, I just read Anastasias answer, so its highly likely. I thought it would be a site with further informations about an Airdrop first and not a direct link for earning.
Blind_Guardian ✝
Again? Didn't we had it some time ago?
Great news! Let's spread the word about Sola!
Pro Creator
I haven't seen an airdrop which did anything good.
Any airdrops for the existing community which kept this thing alive over the past years? No? Ah, I thought so. Maybe a thank you instead? Also no? Ah, well ...
We don't count, didn't you get the memo?
Escape 🌹, nope. Was there one? Are we being layed off, made redundant, fired? 😳
I guess we're allowed to stay if we behave. Although I wonder what would happen if we all totally stopped participating for a couple of days
Seeing Red
nachdenken!, adapt Be almost insulting them throwing Sol or more seriously meaningless badges at users. We all know the history of plag/Sola and the ones who kept it flowing and the ones who bailed. :)
Seeing Red
Escape 🌹, nobody Outside The Hive would even notice :)
Seeing Red, if you say so then it must be true
Seeing Red
Escape 🌹, nice to see you paint you & yours so special. It is a fact, these new people don't even know you guys. Prove me wrong, stop posting stolen articles directly from the net for a few days... Oh no, the sites gonna shut down!!! See who seeks you out... #truth :)
Seeing Red, if that's the way you see it it's fine with me
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