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Do you believe in ghosts? If you do, how would you explain their existence?

Photo #1 from Mitino District, Russia by Anastasia Smur made on 2018-09-03 09:03 for Sola

(I can't say I believe in ghosts, but I think it can be possible. Ghost can be a remaining of a human being’s information and memory data, as it's still unknown what happens to this data after death. According to the law of substance preservation or smth like this).

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Russia, Mitino District
Pro Creator
Yeap, I believe I saw a few ghosts mostly they were my dead relatives whom I have never seen alive 👻
Pro Creator
I don’t believe in ghosts like they’re depicted in mainstream media but I believe in the possibility of “other dimensional entities” whatever that may be.
ama 👽
I want to believe in ghosts
Long Island Adventure
"Oneday we'll all be ghosts,....Trippin' around in someone else's home."
Fake news propagated by satan to make me seem like I make mistakes!!! FAAAAKE.
bennile 💯📚
I believe that you can see ghosts if you really want to.
Infidel Castro
Pro Creator
Once you go crazy
If a person doesn't see a distinction between a body and a being, it would be difficult to imagine something like this.
I remember I used to live in a house built in the 40's. My room was across from my parents' room. The hallway between us lead from a shallow closet to the rest of the house. Late at night both our doors we open and I had trouble going to sleep. Looking out of the door I saw a tall white bald man with a white tee-shirt walking from the closet to the rest of the house. I was so tired that I thought it was the only other person in the house, my short Salvadorian mom (dad worked nights). In the morning Mom was making breakfast whith nothing indicating a break in. "Jewado did you get up last night?" "No I thought it was you" "Was he white?" "yah, tall?" "yah, bald?" "yah, with a white shirt? " she just nodded her head. Years later when we were moving to a new house, my cousins were looking in the attic. They found a couple of old board games, a FOOP emblem and a newspaper. It was a story about a local cop who help save people out of a burning car, the picture of the cop was the same man I saw years earlier.
Anastasia Smur
Developer team
That's quite a story... 😨
Pro Creator
I have a similar story but not that weird, I was trying to go asleep in my bedroom that faces my parent's room. The hallway's lights between the 2 rooms was still on. As I was laying on my side looking at the wall opposite to the door I saw a silhouette of a person crossing the hallway. At first I thought that's one of my parents but a minutes later when I looked around it seems there was no sign of someone awake.
Infidel Castro
Pro Creator
I don't see why they would exist.
I am a ghost...
Jabba Ree 🌹
The only ghost I saw was killed by a traitor 😢
Righteous Pie Loving Joshua
Yes I have many experience that made me believe in the paranormal. I have 2 that are not just me experiencing it. The first one I was with my mom and we were at a friends house watching over it. We heard his cough at the same time. The only problem with that is that he was all the way in the mountains delivering water. He doesn't troll people and it wasn't coming from an device. The 2nd experience was with my Dog Mr.Jameson. I was walking him outside and all of a sudden a red orb spawned rigth infrount of me. It wasn't like a laser or anything but an actual red orb. Probably a bit smaller than a tennis ball. As soon as I saw it Mr.Jameson started to try to attack it. I pulled him back and did a reality check just to see if I was dreaming. It disappeared after 30 seconds. He stoped trying once it went away. Those are 2 experiences that were not only me. I have like 7 or 8 experiences by my self.
Righteous Pie Loving Joshua
I have no way to explain how me and my mom heard his voice when he was several hundred miles away. I also have no way to explain a floating red orb about 3 feet into the air. Spawning infrount of me and my dog.
There is something, but I can't explain it.
I only believe during a supernatural horror movie...they always seem to get my feet from under the couch
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