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Photo #1 from Narayani, Nepal by Deepa made on 2018-11-29 14:57 for Sola

In this article, I am just here to share my ideas and my views regarding this platform. The trust that I have gained through this platform, with the idea of sharing my life experiences and moments is a truimph to my journey.

However when I first started I was criticized a lot, some people believed It was just a fake profile, using the image of some celebrities, and of course that was a big deal for many months. Some people believed that there was no way a celebs, would be willing to share humbly his/her life story on a blog, because the stigma is that they are supposed to be unreachable,

And all I want to say, I am not a celebrity. I live a normal life like you people do.

Photo #2 from Narayani, Nepal by Deepa made on 2018-11-29 14:57 for Sola

I’ve never saw it this way, my attitude has always been:

“My Success Is your Success, Success of this entire community” as a pro-creator I did have an opportunity to coach people into thinking this way. Why be so closed, so selfish and not share our life with others? There is a space for everything in our life, and sharing is not reducing one’s self-esteem.

“There is always room for those who want to reach success, but the detail is that the space exists, but only for those who want to work towards it, not just say they want it”

Wanting success is not necessarily linked to only money, besides, the definition is personal, but for those who want to reach for their success I reiterate:

“There is room for everyone who is willing to do, what needs to be done!”

However, I was humiliated by some people out here, but I never insulted them back, I always tried to clear up the misunderstandings like with respect, in other words, if you are just humiliating me, I will give you kindness in return.

On this platform, there is a strong caring community, but respect always needs to be present, its the top of the priorities when it comes to conduct and culture. All the positive attitudes you can think of fall under this umbrella, the umbrella of respect and if everyone understands this one day, this platform would be a better place. It’s up to us to practice this every single day. Here on the SOLA platforms we have the opportunity to leave legacy build up with the community, and that has become one of my objectives too.

Remember, Success is at its most on unlikely hour. Our Endeavors are all set to be on the goals, with an incessant struggle and a good motivation. Beyond hope, witness and desires there's comes the failure, at the tip over & again. Always remember hope & preservarances are the foundations of success and our inevitable truimph to the every hardships.

I will always be honest with you all, and I want to be clear about what I’m trying to say here:

It makes no sense for people to expect to live off using SOLA Platform depending solely on the endorsements of other people asking for votes in chats and in comments make no sense at all , it’s also up to you to grow your influence, build your knowledge and creativity, especially if you claim you believe in it.

Believe In You!

Have a great day community people.


With best regards

Deepa Simkhada

6.867SOL earned
Nepal, Narayani
Hameed Saqib
Thank you so much dear deepa
Mich Millner (puhn)
Your welcome, I just don’t understand the concept of success on social platform. Has it a specific meaning?
Zeeshan Haider
Deleted by Sola moderator
Activist Goat
Pro Creator
I've criticized you for mainly posting pictures of yourself, but nowadays I see a lot of great and interesting content from your hand. 👌🏻
Ali Esmaeili
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