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Photo #1 from Mundelein, United States of America by Jolly Roger made on 2018-04-27 06:03 for Sola

A North Georgia teacher accused of having heroin on school campus faces new charges alleging she had a sexual relationship with a student. Raquel Eleana Spencer faces a charge of sexual assault of a person with supervising authority, Whitfield County jail officials said. The charge comes a day after the Northwest Whitfield High School teacher was booked on drug charges. She is also suspected of using narcotics. The Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office told the Dalton Daily Citizen that its preliminary investigation revealed Spencer was allegedly involved in a sexual relationship with a student for at least a year. The student was under age at the time.

Spencer was arrested Wednesday after authorities searched her belongings and found heroin, Sheriff Scott Chitwood said. Earlier that day, staff and students noticed Spencer behaving unusually and notified school officials, the Daily Citizen reported. Administrators checked on Spencer and escorted her to the office, the paper reported. Spencer consented to a search, leading authorities to find the heroin, Chitwood said. Recommended for you Recommended for you Recommended for you She remains in jail without bond, according to the Daily Citizen. Spencer is an English teacher at the high school, where she has been employed since 2013, the newspaper reported.

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United States of America, Mundelein
So sad. Teachers should be role models. Her career has been ruined and who knows what effect this will have on the student? Heroin used to be the drug of last resort but not anymore.
Jolly RogerAuthor
The pressure on teachers is pretty intense, they have to try and educate and deal with adolescent idiots every day. It explains the illicit drug use but it doesn't excuse having intimate relations with a child. BTW, pharmaceutical grade heroin can be acquired legally from a licensed physician.
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