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Photo #1 from Londrina, Brazil by Ivan made on 2018-03-28 15:13 for Sola

Google buys GIF platform Tenor

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🇺🇸 Tenor allows ultra-easy sharing of animated images on the desktop as well as on Android and iOS mobile devices, and gives a touch of humor to posts and personal messages. More than 10 billion monthly searches are performed on the platform, which has competing such as Giphy and Gfycat. It is also worth remembering that messengers like Telegram have already been for some time a convenient tool for searching and sharing GIFs.

And some even thought that GIFs were doomed with the emergence of video platforms...

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🇧🇷 Tenor permite o compartilhamento ultra fácil de imagens animadas tanto no desktop como em dispositivos móveis Android e iOS, e permite dar um toque de humor a publicações e mensagens pessoais. Mais de 10 bilhões de buscas mensais são realizadas na plataforma, que tem concorrentes de peso como Giphy e Gfycat. Vale lembrar também que mensageiros como o Telegram oferecem já faz um tempo uma ferramenta conveniente de busca e compartilhamento de GIFs.

E alguns chegaram a achar que os GIFs estavam condenados com o surgimento das plataformas de vídeos...

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Brazil, Londrina
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