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just a Cossack's officer

Cossack troops 100 years ago in Russia considered the elite of the tsarist troops, the most combat-ready type of troops.Externally, soldiers from the Cossack troops portrayed as then, and now quite a stereotypically:bearded harsh rider with a saber or pike in his hands. But it is necessary - severe and bearded.Today I put a photo from my archive that breaks stereotypes about the appearance of Cossacks....

In the photo: Dmitry Koloskov , a chorus of the Ussuri Cossack Troops with his wife Matilda.Chorus of Ussuriysk Cossack troops during the First World War. On the left side of the chest is the sign of a graduate of the Nikolayev Cavalry School. On his head is a colored winter military peacock cap. Through the right shoulder is a silver officer's galloon checkerboard sword of peacetime. These moments indicate that the photo was taken in the deep rear.Dmitry Koloskov from the teacher's family. His father Alexei Semenovich Koloskov worked as a teacher in the schools of the Ussuri Cossack Troops.

In 1915, the Ussuri Cossack Division left Russian Far East for the front. Koloskov Dmitry served with dignity. For the difference in the cases against the enemy, the commander of the army was awarded him the Order of St. Anne of the 4th degree with the inscription "for courage".

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Russia, Khabarovsk
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