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Topic: AdventSol Day 2 (Crime Story) 🔪

Photo #1 from Toronto, Canada by Cinder made on 2018-12-02 15:12 for Sola

The Once Serial Killer Capital of the World, London, Canada. 🌎

Trigger warning Rape & Death

"London, Ontario once suffered the highest concentration of serial killers on Earth, and 16 of 29 murder cases were never concluded" (Guardian)

Photo #2 from Toronto, Canada by Cinder made on 2018-12-02 15:12 for Sola

London, Ontario is my hometown which is why I'm covering it for today's AdventSol. Between 1959 and 1984 (25 years) there were 29 murders, only 13 attributed to killers who were later caught. Those killers being: Gerald Thomas Archer, known as the London Chamber Maid Slayer, Christian McGee, known as the Mad Slasher, and Russell Johnson, known as the Balcony Killer.

16 remain unsolved.

“New York and Los Angeles at any given time have had four or five (serial killers), but London at the time had a mean population of 170,000"

Photo #3 from Toronto, Canada by Cinder made on 2018-12-02 15:12 for Sola

Chamber Maid Killer

Gerald Thomas Archer was a Canadian serial killer who was active in and around his hometown of London, Ontario from January 1969 to January 1971. Since all three of his confirmed victims were female hotel employees, he became known as "The London Chambermaid Slayer." (Wikipedia)

Jane Wooley (age 62), Edith Authier (57), Belva Russell (57) were the victims. He beat and stabbed them to death and raped them in their homes. He stole money from each of them as well.

Mad Slasher

Christian Magee killed 3 and raped 2 others. Labeled a Sadistic Serial Sex Killer he was found not criminally responsible for the murders of Judith Barksey (age 19), Patricia Jenner (age 19), Susan Lynn Scholes (age 15) due to mental illness.

Photo #4 from Toronto, Canada by Cinder made on 2018-12-02 15:12 for Sola

He recently tried to be transferred to a Toronto location to be closer to his family and hoped for release but has thankfully been denied.

Balcony Killer/Bedroom Strangler

"Russell Johnson admitted to killing seven women, but was found not guilty due to insanity in 1978. Psychiatrists have described him as a sexual sadist, lust murderer and necrophile." - Torstar News Service

Photo #5 from Toronto, Canada by Cinder made on 2018-12-02 15:12 for Sola

"Johnson admitted to seven murders and 10 separate sex assaults in the Guelph and London areas. He was also suspected in up to 10 other murder cases." (TheSpec)

"Ontario’s most prolific serial killer would stalk single women throughout southwestern Ontario and scale apartment balconies, sometimes climbing up 15 floors, to slip in to rape and murder them in their beds." (Toronto Sun)

"Johnson would eventually be diagnosed with sexual sadism, necrophilia, fetishism, voyeurism, transvestic fetishism and a “personality disorder not otherwise specified.”

He was so meticulous about tidying his murder scenes, tucking the dead bodies into bed and even washing the dishes after one killing and the laundry following another, that four of his slayings were mistaken as natural deaths.

Mary Catherine Hicks, 21, was in her last year at the University of Western Ontario when she was found dead in her apartment of apparent natural causes in October 1973 — a kind of “adult crib death” her grieving Toronto family was told."

"Doris “Dodie” Brown’s body was discovered in her Guelph bedroom by her 16-year-old daughter; the coroner concluded the loving mother of five had died in her sleep of pulmonary edema"

Donna Veldboom (age 22) was very different from the other victims. Posed, raped, the Killer said he has slashed her across the chest in an attempt to “crawl inside her to be safe or warm.”

Let's not let this guy lose, thanks.

Photo #6 from Toronto, Canada by Cinder made on 2018-12-02 15:12 for Sola

So that's my card on the Serial Killers of London, Ontario. The fact that many are still loose is alarming. We are also dealing with an Animal Serial Killer right now and they're worried he might move on to people. He's been posing animals from snakes to rabbits to coyotes and birds, skinning many. Anyways creepy.

What craziness has your town dealt with?

Link to AdventSol in comments.

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