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the drawn legend
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~ORIGINAL CONTENT~ The real legend.... - has a job in *plag city* at Jessi's sword shop - was invited to plag** murderer party 2.5 and 3 *yep, I'm plag's Halloween murderer. :D * -member of Triforce Team Keep calm and save Hyrule!📜🎮 Hey there, I'm a 18 year old girl (!) from Paderborn, Germany and I love video games, anime and manga. Power Wisdom Courage e-mail: telegram: the_drawn_legend Skype: the_drawn_legend Contact me, if you want that I draw something for you ;) (Don't be sad if I don't answer so fast on e-mails. No constant Wi-Fi connection) MY FRIENDS HERE: God of plag** Zero Jan V (member of Triforce Team) dude-sama Xofluz WolfForest Petter1 (member of Triforce Team) Akane Senpai Lextron Gizem Sekhem Em Pet Hideki Fredona Darth Luca Jurre Jelle Forward Motion Outer Jessi my inbox:
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