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coming up on the sacramental LSD the body and blood of new gods and new religions | pentagrams drawn banishings completed paisley shirt nickerbacker short arm chelsea boots | his number 9 the number of ganesh the god who breaks down obstacles scent of jasmine need of lennon number 9 more popular than Jesus | summon the godhead | his head revolving | space opens like an eye | the head assembles condenses me of music visible music harpsichord shivering liquid noise | buddha gong universal harmonics | monastery acoustic hiss and drone | fade up volume on monks chanting backwards static hum of the big bang | godhead made of living music | enter the lennonhead soundscapes digital clatter of revolving prayerwheels | mantrasonics mantra mantra walls made of mantra walls made of mantra and skin and hair of mantra | magical mystery maze of floral circuitry | looking glass language reverb red in the red room of the head | revolving head revolver neon gunblast of numbers and noise | fizzing shertbertstorms of light particles | bumper tilt eggman hologram blizzard | the head the oracle head speaks in rhyming sounds hammerchime fuzztone piano | let me take you down | say the word | it is not dying | be reborn be light go and come again | rise from the grave of himself | bonny jock lennon is did and goon | it is not dying | the boy born again beautiful boy beautiful boy | it is not dying ~ The Invisibles - Grant Morrison

Kris T Reeder
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