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27th July 2018


There may be many reasons why you're here, using a kind of a decentralized social media platform.

Maybe you've stumbled upon the this platform, while casually browsing the Internet.

Or you may have felt that the regular social media platforms, lacks a certain something.

Just like I did.

But I must make one thing clear, it was not the concern for my privacy which brought me here.

Rather, I started using decentralized social media platforms like Sola, because I felt that the regular social media platforms were becoming too suffocating.

It's not that I didn't try out all the regular social media platforms out there. I did.

But I increasingly felt that the algorithms of the regular platforms, were becoming increasingly unwelcoming to new users.

And even for existing users the competition to be on top of the charts, were horrendously stiff

In fact the competition has become so intense in those places, that most users have forgotten the original purpose, of why they are using those platforms in the first place.

And it is to share the content that one truly likes. But almost all the users of major social media platforms, are increasingly sharing content that will fetch them more upvotes, or likes or subscribers etc.

And so that's why I am using platforms such as Sola, whose algorithm has still not become oppressive, and unwelcoming to the new users.

I enjoy this kind of open minded environment, and it is my hope that you'll enjoy it too,… until the day it becomes a tyrant. :)

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India, Kolkata
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Hope you like it!
Mx. Goat, Yes, I'm already enjoying using Sola. :)
Well said.
Freistaat, Thanks :)
Hanover Fiste
For me, it was the ability to discuss sensitive topics with total strangers from around the world. I love to see how other cultures view things. I learn from them. As long as we respect each other's view, it works well. There's one little thing that bugs me, but it's not a huge deal, that is when people from other countries try to tell us how my country should be run. Only a few do it, and for the most part, there's really cool people here.
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While traversing the Indian subcontinent, you’ll come across variations of burfi that go by many names. This sweet, milk-based confection is named after the Persian word for “snow” or “ice.” At its most basic, burfi is just a solidified mixture of condensed milk, ghee (clarified butter), and sugar that gets sliced into small cubes or diamond-shaped pieces, akin to fudge. Also like fudge, burfi is sold in a number of flavors, ranging from chocolate to rosewater. In pista burfi, the addition of ground pistachios (which make up the “pista” part of the name) give the otherwise creamy-white treat a verdant glow.

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