8 months

[Note: Empusas are shape-shifting female beings]

[Lending A Guise To A Faceless Beauty]

It was a long wintry night

As the wind shivered in ecstatic fright

And owls shrieked from unknown height,

When an Empusa walked within my sight.

She was a beauty without a face

And I thought it looked without grace

So I decided to help her this once

And placed a book on the ground, without response

She looked to her left, she looked to her right

There was no one within her sight,

Bewildered, she stooped to pick up the book

My mouth slightly curved in a hook

Opened the book; the world slightly swayed

And the moon was covered in a crimson shade

And to me, the darkness its respect paid

I gestured with my hand

The was no need for a merry band

To play the prelude

Of this grand event, which will the word delude

The wind picked up its pace,

And my murky heart stated to race

In the mirror, my eyes gleamed with an infernal trace

As I slowly danced across the darkness, and mist

That to me was all but a tryst

With my internal laughter

That echoed through the nameless forest.

What I saw before me now,

Was a beauty with a lovely face

It looked as if the heavens,

Finally had a space

To put all their splendor to work

I couldn't help but smirk

Because deep down I knew,

It was not heaven nor hell

That did cast the forgotten spell,

Whose story no one would tell

Now the heaven defying enchantress

Stood lonely in the abandoned forest,

That would never ever be at eternal rest,

With the book placed close to heart

Reading a story, that had no end nor start.

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