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On Mammoth Cave

28th of July, 2018



The Internet is a great place, no doubt. Here you can know about everything there is to know.

But the only perquisite being that, you should be able to filter out that knowledge from a plethora of other information.

The search engines like Google, Bing, etc., are good starting points form where you can reach the place(s) to obtain that knowledge.

However, sometimes you have to rely on your intuition and insights, to chase after that knowledge, through the murky web of information.

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Today it was raining outside my house, and as I saw dusk descend over the flowers in my garden.

My Internet searches began to turn towards the supernatural.

Now although I claim to be a skeptic. I prefer to see skepticism as a tool, which allows me to have a more accurate understanding of things.

I do not think that being a skeptic, also means closing my mind to other suggestions and possibilities.

Yes, I acknowledge the fact that the physical sciences have made tremendous progress in the last two to three decades.

But likewise, I also acknowledge that there may be things outside the boundaries of present-day science.

I think we have become a little too mesmerized by our own logic and methods.

So much so, that we are turning a blind eye to the happenings outside the box of common thinking.

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If you've ever visited central Kentucky in the Unites States, then you must've heard about the Mammoth cave.

The Mammoth cave is the largest cave system in the world. However, it's not this fact alone which brings so many visitors to the cave.

People visit the cave, to catch a glimpse of its haunted past.

It was used by our ancestors in the 12,000 BC as a burial site.

They buried people there for nearly 2000 years.

Then according to the records they suddenly abandoned it. No one knows why.

Then in the late 18th and early 19th century, the cave was open to exploration and tourists, many of whom never returned.

It was once used as a temporary hospital to treat tuberculosis patients by a doctor, who was under the impression that tuberculosis could be cured in a moist environment with constant temperature. Just like the environment inside of a cave.

But many of the patients died, and even the doctor died of tuberculosis.

The vestiges of the facility still remain in the cave.

And finally there are many cases of ghost sightings, and supernatural phenomena in the cave.

Add to that the eerie surrounding of a forest, and you have a perfect reason to experience that, which is beyond the scope of human understanding.

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