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The Dance Of The Kryptos

The day the Blockchain was first implemented, was the day when a new change began to take place in the digital world.

Blockchain changed everything we knew about Currency and Connections. It was like the beginning of a new digital era, where decentralization was not a concern but a necessity.

The magic of Blockchain lies in the fact that it keeps everything transparent and practical, while at the same time, it casts a layer of protection upon its user.

If handled properly, it can protect the user from cybercriminals and threats, to a degree previously inconceivable.

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Today we have several cryptocurrencies, and decentralized networks based on Blockchain.

And the information flowing between them is just like an elegant dance. The Most Amazingly Unique dance which mankind has ever seen.

Some people however claim that the Blockchain is a bubble, and it will explode one day, shattering the dreams of countless people

But I prefer to compare it to the cosmic inflation, which created everything that we know today.

And it is my firm belief, that Blockchain will create everything that we’ll know, both in the cyber and in the real world, in the future.

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