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Black holes and their zucc

Black holes consist of a singularity with a density almost infinite and with that an immense gravitational pull so big that not even light can escape it hence the name. Every object can be compressed into a singularity because everything has something known as a *schwarzschild radius*. Compress our muddy planet into the size of a peanut and you would have a black hole. Luckily there's no way to compress an object to that size but a star many times lager than our earth has a much larger schwarzschild radius. When a star runs out of fuel and it's not able to keep itself hot enough it collapses in on itself to a small point, the singularity.

But light is not the only thing that is not able to escape a black hole. Because of the gravitational pull a black hole is able to bend space and time. If you were to jump in a black hole you wouldn't just fall into it and get zucc'ed in, instead to someone watching you from a distance while you take the plunge you would slow down until you would appear frozen in time. This is part of *the event horizon*, this is a point in space once crossed there is no going back. It is at this point where light is not able to escape. The light that come's of of your body would become reddish until you'd simply faded into nothing. To you it would actually be pretty comfortable, until it starts to hurt...

Why would it hurt? well, when you get closer to the singularity the gravitational pull gets stronger and the difference larger. Parts of you closer to the singularity would be pulled more strongly than parts of your body farther away. Your body would be stretched to the extreme towards the singularity. The effect would be so big it has a special name: Spaghettification. Once you would reach this point well, you would be dead and once you reached the singularity we wouldn't know what would happen since no one has even gotten close to a black hole yet let alone reached the singularity. Maybe you would fall for all eternity or be transported to another place in the universe or another universe.

The point is we don't really know what would happen all we can do is theorise now until we find a way to travel to the closest black hole nearby which is 'only' 2,800 lightyears away.


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