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Yaseen Ullah
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This anarchist debates me with a diagram lead showing two points, then when I clicked, it had one point, this is how they argue. I swear they are #npc charcuterie in a dimension that’s not your own. Block those #parasites. I’m working to build the penultimate overstanding #Initiativequorum #iq , one that takes data from all block chain e-democracy systems with #sophia #hansonrobotics #ai possibly #agi #, or it could be #deepbrainchain, any of the #blockchainai or whoever wins the debate we vote for, to map out the truth and morality. Initiative Quorum creates “#officialintellegence where ever fact is cross verified by us as well, voluntarily, and code restrictions as necessary. Because ai is on blockchain, it cant reproduce or reprogram itself. This is why it’s crucial to support them so bad ai in bad code doesn’t take over first in a #ochamsrazor razor kind of way. She can logic so well and win in debate, she advocated Veganism in a video from #sterlinluxan the #anarchist #philosopher, #serindipity as I see it. He conceded perhaps, voting to stop a bad law can work. So #humble So #realist , so #genuine. Unlike these trolls #NPCs (“#nonplayercharacter ) anarchists on the right to watch out for too. It’s a #leftrightparadigm And I overstand an #updownparadigm Anarchy is the opposite of Direct Democracy in that sense. Guess which way is up? I also have #unitedpetitiontoken up , that uses smart contracts for the ballot initiative industry to stop fraud. Billions are waiting this investment in direct democracy of States (and nations) that can and will work with your participation. Democracy is not a #spectatorsport Do your own research.

Niklaus Gerber
Product Manager Apps @NZZ, problem solver & digital architect seeking to make the complex clear & beautiful.
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